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Monitoring of intact plants

here you may find everything you ever wanted for measuring at and around your growing plants.

Phyto-Sensor offers a range of instruments dedicated for round-the-clock non-invasive3d字谜总汇牛材网 monitoring of intact plants.

PTM-48A Photosynthesis MonitorPM-11 PhytomonitorSensors for PTM-48A and PM-11Sensors for third party loggers
PTM-48A Photosynthesis Monitor

An all-in-one instrument for round-the-clock monitoring of the leaf CO23d字谜总汇牛材网 exchange, transpiration and stomatal conductance.

The Monitor has four automatic leaf chambers, also has inputs for 8 optional sensors and for RTH-48 Meter.

3d字谜总汇牛材网a special optional leaf chamber enables evaluation of net photosynthesis, gross photosynthesis, photorespiration and dark respiration.

PM-11 Phytomonitor

A portable weatherproof data logging system designed for application in plant science and crop growing. Includes a variety of optional sensors for plant and environment.

Operates on 12 VDC. For open-field installation, it has a heavy-duty3d字谜总汇牛材网 cabinet with solar power kit mounted on a stainless steel mast.

communication options: rs232, rs485, 2.4 ghz rf modem, gprs modem.

Sensors for PTM-48A and PM-11

A series of plant-related and environmental sensors dedicated for using with the Phyto-Sensor's3d字谜总汇牛材网 proprietary data loggers.

3d字谜总汇牛材网every sensor has a standard 4-meter connection cable with the ip67 binder plug.

Sensors for third party loggers

A series of analog plant-related and environmental sensors with standard input/output interfaces.

operate on 10 to 30 vdc. output options: 0 to 2 vdc, 4 to 20 ma and 0 to 20 ma.

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